2023-2024 Grievance Panel Members and Office Support

The Chair and Vice Chair of the BUFA Grievance Panel are both BUFA members:
  • Alison Braley-Rattai, Faculty of Social Sciences, a member of the BUFA Executive, and the Chair of BUFA’s Grievance Panel
  • Robert McGray, Faculty of Education, is the Assistant Grievance Office and the Vice-Chair of BUFA’s Grievance Panel
The following BUFA members are also members of the BUFA Grievance Panel:
  • Martha Barnes, Faculty of Applied Health & Sciences
  • Lauren Corman, Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Curtis Fogel, Faculty of Applied Health Sciences
  • Kimberley Zonneveld, Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Michelle Webber, Faculty of Social Sciences, BUFA President
  • Liz Clarke, Faculty of Social Sciences, BUFA Vice-President
The Panel is supported as required in the BUFA Office by:
  • Lise Fisher, Administrative Assistant
  • Shannon Lever, Executive Assistant
  • Joy Werner, Administrative Coordinator

Grievance Officer Report

What To Do if You Have a Concern with Your Working Conditions by Nancy Taber When a member has a concern, he/she should email the BUFA Office. The administrative assistants will forward the email [...]

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