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In preparation for the 2017 round of collective bargaining, the BUFA Executive has created a Contract Action Team (CAT) to better involve members in the bargaining process. The BUFA CAT’s goals are to maximize member engagement and to create informal networks in order to ensure a constant flow of multi-directional communication between BUFA members and their Negotiating Team. These objectives are designed to bolster the strength of the Negotiating Team in collective bargaining and to open more effective lines of communication as the process unfolds.

To that end, we are making an open call for BUFA members to join the CAT. Ideally, we’d like at least one CAT representative from each unit in order to bolster our growing informal internal communications network. In larger units, we’d ideally have multiple representatives.

Several of our colleagues have already agreed to serve on the CAT and are busy working away on building networks. Kathy Belicki (Psychology), Jonah Butovsky (Sociology), June Corman (Sociology), Rick Cheel (Earth Sciences), David Crandles (Physics), Don Cyr (FOIS), Heather Gordon (Chemistry), Marilyne Jollineau (Geography and Tourism Studies), Robert McGray (Graduate and Undergraduate Education), Tim Murphy (Psychology), Fran Owen (Child and Youth Studies), Shauna Pomerantz (Child and Youth Studies), Ian Ritchie (Kinesiology), Mark Spencer (History), Ebru Ustundag (Geography and Tourism Studies), and David Whitehead (OBHREE) have all joined the CAT.

We are eager to grow the CAT over the course of the Fall term as we build toward concluding a successful Collective Agreement in 2017. Your participation is strongly encouraged!

Please contact the BUFA office if you are interested in joining the CAT or have any questions.


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