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In his report for the November 13 Senate meeting, President Lightstone summarized and commented on “Ontario’s Proposed Differentiation Policy Framework”, a draft provincial discussion paper.  In this paper, the province described its overall rationale for differentiating post-secondary educational institutions.  The proposed differentiation would be based on eight components (e.g., teaching and learning, underrepresented student populations, research, program offerings; financial sustainability).  The province also suggested a set of specific key performance indicators (KPIs) for each of these components; a university’s standing on these KPIs would define that institution’s “niche”.  Examples of the KPIs include student satisfaction rate, number of teaching-only faculty, research funding, “entrepreneurial-related metrics”, pension solvency, and program prioritization.   Based on performance in these indicators, the government would then “focus investments to improve research capacity and performance in areas of institutional strength”, an approach that seems designed to increase already existing difference among universities.  Strategies to support the differentiation process would include targeted allocations for both graduate and undergraduate students, program approvals, and modifications of the funding framework.  In his Senate report, President Lightstone also explained Brock’s response to the proposed differentiation policy.  This response included a general objection to the use of the same set of KPIs for all post-secondary institutions, the apparent misalignment of this strategy with the province’s own Strategic Mandate Agreement process, and a set of alternate KPIs that are more consistent with Brock’s strategic mandate objectives than those outlined in the draft discussion paper.   The discussion paper and Brock’s response can be found in the President’s report item and related appendices on the November 13 Senate Agenda.  Differentiation in the post-secondary sector is a matter that may have profound effects on Brock’s development as an institution and thus we recommend that you consider the documents carefully.

Needed for your health and safety!

The deadline for nominations for a BUFA Health and Safety Officer to complete the remainder of a 2013-2015 term is 4 pm, Monday, November 18.  To date, we have not received any nominations.  A nomination form is available on our website. This position has a release time stipend of 1.0 FCE per year, prorated for 2013-2014.  By-laws and release time stipend pertaining to the BUFA Health and Safety Officer are described below. All members of BUFA are encouraged to stand or be nominated.  If you have any questions about this position, please contact the BUFA Office.

2.6. Executive Committee Job Description
Health & Safety Officer
• Represents the Association on the Joint Health & Safety Committee.
• Acts as a liaison between the Union and the University on health and safety issues.
• Regularly presents reports to the Association and to the Executive Committee.
• Attends relevant training and development meetings and/or workshops.
• Performs such other duties as may be required by the Association and/or Executive Committee.

Program Review.

As previously reported, the review of academic programs are now to be conducted by a Senate Ad Hoc Committee.  Nominations for membership on this Committee will be open until 4:30 pm, November 19 and can be submitted to [email protected]. Please seriously consider standing for membership on this Committee and assisting in this important task.  Questions about the nature of the relationship between the mandate of the Ad Hoc Committee and Senate’s Academic Review Committee still need to be clarified.

Currently, the President’s Special Task Force continues its review of 344 non-academic programs.  Forms from these programs are to be submitted by November 21 and then senior administrators will be asked to submit their priorities among the programs that report to them.  By the end of December 2013, the Task Force is expected to make its recommendations about these programs.

BUFA Negotiating Survey Coming To You Very Soon!

This survey will be an important opportunity for you to let us know your priorities for our next Collective Agreement negotiation.


Linda Rose-Krasnor

Linda Rose-Krasnor, Ph.D.
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Brock University
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