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Proposed New Training

As required by Article 4.06 of our Collective Agreement, the University must negotiate with BUFA regarding new and modified policies or practices that affect the terms and conditions of our employment prior to implementation. Over the last several weeks, we have discussed the:

Draft outline of proposed mandatory training

The University is proposing new mandatory training on human rights, sexual harassment, and sexual assault for all University employees. The proposed training will be offered by Human Rights and Equity (HRE). The University indicated that all staff will be required to attend these in-person workshops, lasting approximately 2 hours in duration. The University is proposing that workshops will be organized by employee groups – BUFA members will attend workshops designed specifically for BUFA members and attend only with other BUFA members. The University would like the proposed training to begin late summer 2019 and employees will have a one-year period within which to complete the training. Provisions would thus need to be made by the University for those members on approved leaves.

Please review the proposed outline and submit your feedback by Thursday, May 2, 2019. Send your feedback to [email protected].

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