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There is currently a proposal before the CRTC which would allow Internet Service Providers (such as Rogers, Bell), to block websites of their choosing in order to address supposed issues of piracy. The proposal threatens the principle of net neutrality in Canada and raises the prospect of industry-led censorship of websites. CAUT stands in opposition to the proposal.

It was brought to our attention that Brian Hutchings, Brock’s Vice President, Administration, submitted an intervention to the CRTC in support of the FairPlay proposal. Vice-President Hutchings’ intervention was undertaken without consultation with the wider Brock University community, including faculty, librarians, and Senate.

The BUFA Executive voted to submit an intervention opposing the one submitted by VP Hutchings. The BUFA Executive has also asked President Fearon to retract the intervention submitted by VP Hutchings or to submit a further intervention indicating the intervention by VP Hutchings does not represent the views of the wider Brock community.

An open internet is critically important to faculty members and professional librarians at Brock University in our roles as researchers and educators. CAUT supports the OpenMedia initiative.

Please see the CAUT intervention, the BUFA Executive intervention, and the intervention by VP Hutchings.

Submissions from the public to the CRTC on this matter are open until March 29, 2018.

Feel free to contact the BUFA office if you have any questions.

Michelle Webber, Ph.D.
President, Brock University Faculty Association
Associate Professor, Department of Sociology
Brock University
Phone: (905) 688-5550 ext. 4411
[email protected]

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