BUFA members need stronger scheduling protections in order to maintain an acceptable work-life balance.

After consulting with members, we have identified three key scheduling demands.

  • Resist Administration’s push to allow Deans further discretion to schedule faculty to teach on weekends
  • Build in additional member protections in relation to Spring/Summer teaching
  • Secure more flexible work arrangements for professional librarians, including greater opportunities to work from home

When senior administrators in the last round of bargaining demanded that Deans be granted the unfettered right to schedule any faculty member to teach on the weekend, BUFA mobilized, fought back, and won. In dropping their demand, however, the Administration indicated they would come back with the same demand this round. That is why it is important for BUFA to draw a line in the sand up front with a mandate to say “no” to an expansion of non-voluntary weekend teaching.

Scheduling protection are also needed for Spring/Summer teaching that mirror existing protections in Fall/Winter.

Finally, our professional librarian members require stronger contract language to protect and expand opportunities to work from home.

Greater scheduling protections, makes a better Brock.

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