Increasing the number of permanent faculty and professional librarians is key to preserving educational quality and improving the student experience

It is in the best interest of the University that the lion’s share of courses be taught by full-time permanent faculty engaged in teaching, research, and service activities. However, in recent years, Brock’s Administration has undermined this longstanding consensus by refusing to replace retirements in some units and filling vacancies with precariously-employed part-time instructors rather than full-time professors.

These hiring practices have led to a comparative decline in the number of permanent positions in recent years despite a growing student population and an explosion in the size of the University’s senior Administration. (Click here to see Research Report)

In order to reverse this trend, we are proposing a renewal program that would provide a net increase in the number of permanent faculty and professional librarian positions while maintaining the current cap on courses taught by non-BUFA members.

Preserving educational quality, makes a better Brock.

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