September 26 BUFA Program Update

  As I reported last week, on September 18th Senate passed two motions related to President Lightstone’s Special Task Force and program review/prioritization process.  One motion [...]

Resolving Complaints and Grievances

The Collective Agreement that BUFA has negotiated with the Administration at Brock University is chocked full of rights (and, of course, responsibilities) for BUFA members. For example, there is [...]

Senate Passes Program Review Motions

BUFA Member Update: At yesterday’s Senate meeting, the following two motions passed after an extensive and thoughtful discussion. MOVED (Merriam/Savage ) That Senate respectfully requests [...]

Update from the BUFA President

More on Program Review and Other Issues Welcome to the start of a new term!  We hope that you are successfully managing the transition to the beginning of classes, student supervisions, committee [...]